Training & Appointments 

Mrs Jagdeep K Singh read Medicine at Somerville College, University of Oxford, was awarded a BA (Hons) in Physiological Sciences (2002) and graduated from University College London (MBBS) in 2005. She undertook her Higher Surgical Training in the West Midlands, where she focussed on specialist breast training at the major university teaching hospitals including University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. She was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2017 and was awarded the Silver Medal in the European Board of Surgery Examinations in Breast Surgery in 2018. 
Mrs Singh worked as a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, part of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, between June 2018 and July 2020. She was the Breast Angiosarcoma Lead Surgeon for the West Midlands and established the regional Electrochemotherapy service at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for breast cancer patients with skin metastases. Mrs Singh relocated to Guildford in July 2020 with her family and was appointed as a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust in August 2020. 


Mrs Singh has strong academic background and is committed to improving outcomes for breast cancer patients through research. She has presented at many national and international scientific conferences and published articles in high impact factor journals. She continues to engage in research through clinical trials and is the Breast Research Lead and Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. 
Medical Doctorate (MD), University of Manchester 2012: Undertook 2 years of research at the internationally renowned Paterson Institute of Cancer Research and The Christie NHS Trust, Manchester. Her research focused on developing novel treatments to stop the growth of breast cancer stem cells 
Awarded Royal College of Surgeons Surgical Research Fellowship, 2010 
Awarded Royal College of Surgeons Stefan Galeski Travelling Fellowship, 2011 
Allen Edwards Research Prize, British Association of Surgical Oncology (BASO) Scientific Conference, 2011 
Selected to join the National Cancer Research Institute Breast Clinical Studies Group through the Trainee Scheme, 2016 
Chief Investigator of the National Mastectomy Decisions Audit (MasDA) - Multicentre prospective observational study evaluating recommendations for mastectomy by UK multidisciplinary teams 
Former committee member of the West Midlands Research Collaborative (WMRC) 
National Collaborative Studies: Steering group member of other national collaborative studies including the Neoadjuvant Systemic Treatment (NeST) study and the Breast Angiosarcoma Surveillance Study (BRASS) 
Breast Research Lead at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust 
Publications are listed below 


Multicentre prospective observational study evaluating recommendations for mastectomy by multidisciplinary teams. British Journal of Surgery, 2020: 107(3): 227-237. See publication 
The NeST (neoadjuvant systemic therapy in breast cancer) study – Protocol for a prospective multi-centre cohort study to assess the current utilization and short-term outcomes of neoadjuvant systemic therapies in breast cancer. International Journal of Surgery Protocols, 2019: 18: 5-11. See publication 
Challenging traditional research: A synopsis of the National Research Collaborative Meeting (NRCM) in 2017. International Journal of Surgery Protocols, 2019: 15: 8-11. See publication 
Impact of Specialist Management on Survival From Radiation-associated Angiosarcoma of the Breast. British Journal of Surgery, 2018; 105: 401–409. See publication 
Sex-Related Outcome Inequalities in Endovascular Aneurysm Repair. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 2016; 52(4): 518-525. See publication 
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Targeting CXCR1/2 Significantly Reduces Breast Cancer Stem Cell Activity and Increases the Efficacy of Inhibiting HER2 via HER2-dependent and –independent mechanisms. Clinical Cancer Research, 2013; 19(3): 643-56. See publication 
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Management of a Neglected Giant Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Scalp. Quarterly Journal of Medicine, 2008; 102(1): 67. See publication 


     ABOUT Jagdeep   




Mrs Singh specialises in benign breast problems and the surgical treatment of breast cancer. She also undertakes family history risk assessment and risk reducing surgery. As an oncoplastic breast surgeon, her priority is to ensure optimal surgical cancer treatment whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the breast through oncoplastic techniques and breast reconstruction to restore body shape. 

Breast cancer operations 

Wide local excision (lumpectomy) 
Therapeutic mammoplasty (cancer surgery combined with re-shaping of the breast to give optimal cosmesis) 
mastectomy (simple, skin-sparing, skin-reducing, nipple-sparing, risk-reducing) 
Sentinel lymph node biopsy 
Axillary node clearance 
Immediate implant-based breast reconstruction 
Immediate-delayed breast reconstruction utilising expanders 
Nipple reconstruction. 

Benign breast operations 

Symmetrising mammoplasty (matching surgery of non-affected breast after cancer surgery) 
Mastopexy (breast uplift) 
Removal of implant 
Lipomodelling (fat transfer) 
Excision of benign breast lesions 
Diagnostic excisions 
Duct surgery 
Scar revision surgery 
Diagnostic biopsy of axillary lymph nodes 
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